Italian Renaissance Collection

This collection is designed to stimulate thought about and appreciation for the real-life context of the Renaissance artisans who contributed to internationally renowned cultural achievements.


Drawing on personal familiarity with major Italian Renaissance centres as well as considerable research, the collection attempts to enter the thought space of Renaissance painters, authors and architects.

In unique ways, these Findi Flooshki traverse Renaissance art and architecture, collecting authentic flourishes; observing natural materials of the time; and ensuring fidelity to advanced colour making. They slip into the pockets of artisans, imagining their ideas in newly developed books and portable journals; they illuminate historical events; and hint at the visions of citizens living in the all’anticomode.

The collection is executed with a focus on quality, longevity and pride in highly individual designs- a deliberate tribute to bygone expert designers and master craftspeople.

Each Findi Flooshki carries significance or symbolism. You will find these details explained in the Store- simply click on an individual piece to read about its origins.