Oriental Collection

Oriental roots in ceramic art history, metallurgy, calligraphy, sculpture and painting are deep and strong. Throughout antiquity oriental artisans set many standards of excellence in technique and artistry. Their mastery of materials and design is well known and respected throughout the world.


This collection is a personal tribute to these artisans. It arises from the artist’s travels throughout Asia, and in particular her acquaintance with priceless museum treasures.

In this collection, the artist calls heavily on her skills in calligraphy, drawing and sculpture to deliver authentic themes with her personal touch.

Whether it seconds the magic of a mythical phoenix or dragon, or weaves in symbolic material, or resuscitates long lost beliefs, or celebrates exquisite beauty, each Findi Flooshki bears witness to traditional techniques and designs. As such each piece provides an educational opportunity as well as a functional and decorative purpose.

The significance of a specific design is fully explained in the Store. You may access the explanations by clicking on an individual piece.