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Green Friendly

Rather than pay money to a company to offset my greenhouse gas emissions, I take immediate and personal responsibility for my environmental footprint. Your support for Findi Flooshki directly supports a network of people that are directly engaged in daily green activities, which includes education of the next generation about our/their environmental responsibilities. In particular your support for Findi Flooshki represents investment in:

Care and thought

Every Findi Flooshki has an educational, functional and decorative purpose. I produce items with research and thought, personal care, and attention to detail. The pace of my hand making is ideally suited to evoking respectful bonds with nature and past artisans.

Multi-purpose designs that last

To maximize longevity and flexibility, I prefer superior quality multi-purpose findings. I am also committed to providing a repair service for any Findi Flooshki that has suffered damage. Please do not waste a broken Findi Flooshki – I will cheerfully bring your piece back to life even if the damage has been caused by accident or misuse.

Australian made

Findi Flooshki prefers Australian made where Australian made is available and gives the most enduring result. Decisions to use international products (French-made barrettes, Japanese seed beads, German vintage buttons) are conscious decisions to use the world-best product in its class. It is my pleasure to support other companies that value tradition and superior quality.  


In our household and in my business, recycling is a constant feature of our lifestyle. I recycle paper, glass, cans and recyclable plastic (including printer cartridges) through domestic collection services and I use recycled products. My work surfaces comprise recycled fridge shelving and a shower screen salvaged from a house renovation. Some of my tools are hand-me-down kitchen utensils. I built the children’s cubby house from old fencing and fallen branches. The chicken house is also built from recycled fencing and building materials.


Climate friendly studio

I use energy friendly light bulbs. I choose not to use air-conditioning, preferring instead to work in fresh air. To minimize energy consumption, I bake Findi Flooshki in batches.

No waste studio

The material I choose to use means that I can run a zero-waste studio. Until baked, there is no such thing as a ‘mistake’. An undesired result can be infinitely re-blended. Old and crumbly clay can be reconditioned. Even after baking, the clay can be cut and re-integrated into new work and re-baked.

Organic food production

The proceeds from sales of Findi Flooshki directly support the family’s organic garden, which includes three main vegetable plots, two greenhouses, a mini orchard and now a chicken house. This garden feeds our family of five. I compost virtually every previously living material that enters our household.  Surplus food feeds neighbours, friends and extended family as well as local Queanbeyan people through a local business and market. I donate surplus water wise plants to neighbours, friends and a local school. I have even donated weeds to local chicken owners and worms to friends who are beginning to compost! 


Rainwater and grey water collection and use

I collect rainwater from my studio roof, which is ample for studio cleaning purposes as well as watering of our vegetable plots. I also pump grey water from the house to established trees in the garden.

Informed, balanced, creative, responsible living

I welcome these values in my family, friends and in my customers. Contact me to share ideas about how we can support each other in this aim. 

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