Geological Collection

The Geological Collection of Findi Flooshki is a highly individual and interesting collection with a clear multipurpose (educational, practical and decorative) aim.

New Geological.jpg

Each design embodies considerable research and design to highlight significant organisms and characterize major events in specific geological periods. Among the unique designs are well-known ammonites, trilobites, crinoids and glossopteris as well as more artistic and abstract references to the theme.

The collection takes full advantage of the versatility of polymer clay to represent authentic fossils that would otherwise rarely find themselves in modern accessories (due to their size, weight and restricted colour).

The collection is characterised by bright colours, precious metal elements and glass or metal beads. This serves Findi Flooshki’s purpose of capturing and keeping attention (with design and knowledge respectively).

Each Findi Flooshki carries significance or symbolism. To discover these details simply click on an individual piece in the Store to read about its origins.