Etruscan Collection

This collection of Findi Flooshki is one of the artist’s original collections. It reflects the artist’s archaeological and scholarly interest in supporting new understanding about the origins of Western civilization.  


The collection arose from the artist’s encounter with Tuscan museum collections that showcase the relatively new subject of Etruscology. The subject has gained considerable international interest for its potential to overturn established views about the supremacy of Greek and Roman influences on Western civilization.

Wandering museum collections, it became clear that many features of Etruscan civilization were appropriated by Romans, including ancient insignias and symbols, religious ceremonies and calendars, symbolic hierarchy of colour, advanced metallurgy and knowledge of hydraulics.

It is the creative individuality of Etruscan artists and artisans that is highlighted in this collection. Designs hint at winged figures, emblems and authentic ceramic decorations.

The red, black and terracotta palette in these Findi Flooshki reflect the Etruscan palette that was in turn borrowed from Ancient Greek black and red ware. Just as Etruscan antiquities originate on Tuscan soil, which also cradled the Italian Renaissance- these Findi Flooshki are an interesting pre-cursor to the Renaissance collection.

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