Egyptian Collection

This collection of Findi Flooshki is one of the artist’s original collections and reflects the artist’s keen archaeological interest in Egyptian antiquities.


The collection acknowledges that Egyptian art and architecture has been copied and distributed throughout the world for centuries. Unlike more common replicas, these Findi Flooshki focus on subtle scholarly themes; ancient responses to social, economic and climatic change; the ancient Egyptian trade in rare and exotic goods; and the achievement of technical perfection.

Among the Findi Flooshki designs are clever adaptations of large architectural elements; miniature replicas of ancient cosmetic palettes and ornaments; and abstract references to ancient Egyptian beliefs and symbols.

Favourite are agricultural scenes from hundreds of years BC- swaying wheat, herds of domesticated oxen, shoals of fish and flocks of birds evoke the spectacle of a fertile and productive Nile River Valley.

The colours used are authentic to minerals mined and traded by ancient Egyptians. Prominent are black (symbolizing fertility and resurrection); red ochre (symbolizing life and protection as well as destructive forces borne from the desert); gold (representing the eternal); and silver (the colour of celestial objects).

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