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Botanical Treasures


‘… we have relied on plants for food, shelter, clothing, medicine, to change our consciousness, to clean the air that we breathe and to sustain the life of our planet. We have used them to poison our enemies and to control our fertility, to navigate the oceans and to build houses and bridges. They are the most important elements in the cycle of life.’

John Newton, The Roots of Civilisation: Plants that Changed the World

The artist’s ‘Botanical Treasures’ series of hair accessories highlights and celebrates a small sample of plants that have changed humanity through their unique attributes.

In this series, the artist employs a style that is reminiscent of the first botanical drawings. Rich colours are superimposed on textured surfaces that are akin to embossed paper.

The superior quality fastenings and packaging make these Findi Flooshki ideal gifts for the plant lover or gardener.