Australian Collection

This collection is simultaneously a playful and educational excursion through Australian nature as experienced and loved by a proud Australian.

New Australian.jpg

To the artist, the collection is a fond homecoming to her childhood spent honing an observant eye in the family’s organic garden, at the beach and camping in the bush.

Since that time, the artist has walked protected wilderness areas from Tasmania to Far North Queensland. The intimate, reflective observation of nature continues to inspire her designs. Whether it is a leaf, a seed, a butterfly wing, tentative first life in the aftermath of fire and storm, or the play of light at dusk or dawn, these Findi Flooshki are close to the heart:

Findi Flooshki prompts the interested wearer to be awake and receptive in every context, to all things great and small.

The Australian collection displays sensitivity to seasons, weather, lifecycles and interconnections of highly specialised Australian flora and fauna. The collection delves into minutiae, raising them from shadows and gilding their miracles. It also draws attention to little known historical features in the Australian landscape, displaying the artist’s archaeological awareness and training.

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